[R] ? building a database with a the great examples

Jonathan Baron baron at psych.upenn.edu
Wed May 28 21:29:29 CEST 2003

On 05/28/03 20:09, Frank Mattes wrote:
On the other site, it wasn't easy to search the help archive, 
>purely I didn't know how to formulate my problem.
>I'm wondering if we could not collect all the answers / examples in a 
>database -
>sorted in topics, like the help document "Rtips".
>I have no clue if this is possible to do nor how time consuming the 
>maintaining would be.

As the maintainer of one of the sites you might search, I do
think that this would be time consuming and also somewhat
redundant with the many textbooks and introductory documents that
are available.  Also, it isn't clear to me how you would search
the "tips" except by using the same sort of search terms that you
can use now.  (But if someone can think of a way to solve these
problems, I don't want to stop him or her from implementing this

I find the htdig interface that I use fairly powerful.  You can
use phrases and logic (AND, OR, etc.).  Often a fairly general
search turns up something that gives me a hint about what search
terms I should have used.

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