[R] ? building a database with a the great examples

Frank Mattes f.mattes at rfc.ucl.ac.uk
Wed May 28 21:09:09 CEST 2003

Dear R help reader,

I'm not an expert in R and are lerning a lot by reading the help 
digest, which is sometimes difficult because the huge amount of data 
posted. I have posted some questions before, and  are impressed how 
quick I got a solution for my problem. Sometimes with quite different 
suggestions. I was always wondering if my questions didn't come up 
before. On the other site, it wasn't easy to search the help archive, 
purely I didn't know how to formulate my problem.
I'm wondering if we could not collect all the answers / examples in a 
database -
sorted in topics, like the help document "Rtips".
I have no clue if this is possible to do nor how time consuming the 
maintaining would be.

This is just my view how the help list could be improved

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