[R] irregular ts plot?

Welch, Ivo ivo.welch at yale.edu
Mon May 19 16:10:20 CEST 2003

hi brian:  first, thank you very much for your help.  very highly 

I have read/am reading the R and plot documentations, but it will take a 
while to absorb it all.  may I ask 2 more itsy queries, please?  I hope 
they are the 5 second type questions for someone in the know.

* if 2 time-series are plotted with one plot command, they are below one 
another.  if 6 are plotted, they are in a 2c*3r array.  which parameter 
allows me to control this behavior?

* is it possible to run a batch command that leaves the figure window 
where it is?  or, that waits for user input, so that my batch command 
can plot a figure, wait until I look at it, plot the next figure, etc.?  
("scan() in a BATCH command does not wait.")

incidentally, for gnuplot, I found it very helpful that people had 
posted sample sessions on the web that contain a variety of commands 
with output and comments on what did what.  google works quite well for 
searching over many such sample sessions to find something that does 
what one needs.   there are R examples here and there (and especially in 
the docs), and they are extremely useful;  but, it would be nicer if 
this was more random but searchable stuff.



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