[R] R and Unicode support

Kosenkov Kirill Nikolaevich Kosenkov.Kirill at nac.spb.ru
Mon May 5 19:44:03 CEST 2003


I have a problem with displaying R plots with Unicode font.
I making labels for a plot in russian language and, when i am
trying to plot i see only strange characters instead of
cyrillic letters.
Fonts, installed in 'Rdevga', are Unicode fonts on my system
(Arial, Times... ).
When i am trying to use non-Unicode fonts (in fact, russian 
postscript fonts with windows-1251 encoding) everything is ok,
but whats wrong with Unicode fonts??

Can i use unicoded strings in R or not? And what type of
encoding R uses to store objects like char-vectors or strings?
How to change this?

I am using R 1.7.0 on Win2k platform.

Thanx and sorry for my English not very good.

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