[R] Comparing bivariate kernel density estimates

Timothy S. Hare haret at grinnell.edu
Mon May 5 17:56:46 CEST 2003

Dear R-Users,

Using R, is there method for comparing two sets of kernel density surfaces? 
I need to implement either a goodness-of-fit test such as 
sm.density.compare [sm], but for bivariate kernel density surfaces, or find 
a means for calculating matrix comparison statistics for asymmetrical matrices.

I am investigating the territorial behavior of baboons in a closed habitat. 
My data are composed of point spatial coordinates marked with the length of 
occupation in seconds for each baboon observed (N=17). I want to estimate 
the spatial areas of habitual use and compare between individuals to assess 
wether the estimated territories are derived from the same distribution or 
not. I initially thought to use cross-K point pattern analysis, but I could 
not find a way to use the continuous variable attached to each data point. 
I also thought to use the method for comparing kernel density estimates 
describe by Fotheringham, Brunsdon and Charlton in "Quantitative Geography: 
Perspectives on Spatial Analysis", but I cannot find a way to implement the 
calculation of the variance for the comparison of the pairs of matrices.

I appreciate any help in this matter.

Thank You,

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