[R] exact range of axes in plots

Ko-Kang Kevin Wang Ko-Kang at xtra.co.nz
Mon Feb 24 20:32:09 CET 2003


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Subject: [R] exact range of axes in plots

> Hello.  I was wondering how one can find the exact values of the range of
> an axis within a plot.  In xlispstat it was (send plot :range 0).  Thanks

Is xlim and ylim in the plot() what you want?  For example:
    > x <- rnorm(100)
    > plot(x)
    > plot(x, xlim = c(20, 80), ylim = c(-2, 2))
the second plot() will restrict the range of x-axis to be between 20 and 80,
y-axis between -2, 2.



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