[R] PNG diver problem

Andrew Schuh andys at neptuneandco.com
Thu Nov 29 18:40:23 CET 2001

Let me expand my question some.  I use R in batch mode for interactive 
web statistics (via RH7.2 and R1.3).  I have experimented with using the 
Tcl/Tk and SJava packages, as well as starting gui apps from batch mode. 
 I haven't really been able to start any of them and I assume this is 
due to the discussion that has been going on here.  I work in parallel 
with someone who works in W2000.  He doesn't seem to have any problem 
with starting this kind of stuff.  It is a real development hinderance 
not to be able to start GUI apps from batch mode.  Does anyone out there 
have any suggestions?

Andrew Schuh wrote:

> Do you have an example of this (code-wise)?  I am using RH7.2 and R1.3 
> and do a lot of batch processing.  Currently I use ImageMagick to 
> convert postscript images generated by R since I have had some trouble 
> using the PNG device (strangely translated axis lines, etc).  However, 
> it would be nice to be able to batch out bitmaps without using 
> ImageMagick.
> Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:
>>apjaworski at mmm.com writes:
>>>I got a couple of answers already indicating that this is a known
>>>"problem".  Thanks to everyone who responded and apologies for reposting a
>>>known problem.  I must have missed the last post about this - I searched
>>>the mailing list archive and found it about a year ago.  Apparently, one of
>>>the solutions is to use the bitmap driver which produces the PNG files by
>>>default anyway.
>>>I noticed that the png help page mentions that it depends on the x11
>>>device.  It just was not clear to me that one cannot use x11 in batch mode.
>>>Finally, I am still curious why this thing works under Windows.  Was the
>>>png driver rewritten for it?  Does it still depend on the windows device
>>>but it can be invoked in batch mode?
>>I think it works in Linux too if you explicitly set you DISPLAY
>>variable (w/ Sys.putenv()), provided that the display is active and
>>you have the permissions to access it when the code runs. Windows has
>>no such thing and will not let you do anything without having the
>>display open anyway...

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