[R] PNG diver problem

Andrew Schuh andys at neptuneandco.com
Wed Nov 28 23:11:36 CET 2001

Do you have an example of this (code-wise)?  I am using RH7.2 and R1.3 
and do a lot of batch processing.  Currently I use ImageMagick to 
convert postscript images generated by R since I have had some trouble 
using the PNG device (strangely translated axis lines, etc).  However, 
it would be nice to be able to batch out bitmaps without using ImageMagick.

Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:

>apjaworski at mmm.com writes:
>>I got a couple of answers already indicating that this is a known
>>"problem".  Thanks to everyone who responded and apologies for reposting a
>>known problem.  I must have missed the last post about this - I searched
>>the mailing list archive and found it about a year ago.  Apparently, one of
>>the solutions is to use the bitmap driver which produces the PNG files by
>>default anyway.
>>I noticed that the png help page mentions that it depends on the x11
>>device.  It just was not clear to me that one cannot use x11 in batch mode.
>>Finally, I am still curious why this thing works under Windows.  Was the
>>png driver rewritten for it?  Does it still depend on the windows device
>>but it can be invoked in batch mode?
>I think it works in Linux too if you explicitly set you DISPLAY
>variable (w/ Sys.putenv()), provided that the display is active and
>you have the permissions to access it when the code runs. Windows has
>no such thing and will not let you do anything without having the
>display open anyway...

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