[R] distributions w. skewness & kurtosis

Warren R. Greiff greiff at mitre.org
Tue Dec 11 20:05:11 CET 2001

Many people pointed out that it wasn't clear what I meant by
"otherwise be normal?". To be frank, I wasn't quite sure what I meant
myself, which was why I wrote "some reasonable way".  One condition I
had in mind was that if the parameters for skewness, and kurtosis were
set to 0, I'd be left with the normal distributions.  

Seems to me a number of responses may point me to solutions for my
problem.  Bob Wheeler's suggestion to look at the Johnson family of
distributions in SuppDists looks particularly promising, so I'll start

The generalized lambda approach mentioned by Michaell Taylor looks
more complicated, but I found R code for it in the gld Package and
will look into that possibility too, when I get a chance.

thanks all,
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