[R] Building under IRIX 6.5 (report)

Manfred W. Baumstark maba at ukl.uni-freiburg.de
Sun Dec 9 20:03:24 CET 2001

> Do you have means to find out whether this is a known bug in SGI make?

Yes, I will do this.

> R is trying not to depend on the GNU tools if possible ...

This was exactly my motivation to post. I was aware of the tread
giving several advices how to build R under IRIX. Anyway I have shown were
the problem is, and gave a workaround how you can build R on an SGI without
gnu tools. It worked for me on my own O2 and on an Origin in the computing
center were I`m not root (but can use gigabytes of RAM :-)). 

I did also look more deeply into the failure of 'make check':

If I run the test individually in directory tests/  
'make test-Specific' and most others I tried are ok,
'make test-Examples' gives the error: 
sh[14]: /usr/sbin/perl: arg list too long
*** Error code 1 (bu21)

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