[R] Building under IRIX 6.5 (report)

Manfred W. Baumstark maba at ukl.uni-freiburg.de
Sat Dec 8 23:02:31 CET 2001

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> Well, that Makefile is not part of the sources!  Makefile.in in the
> near-release 1.4.0 ha
> OBJECTS = $(SOURCES_C:.c=.lo) $(SOURCES_F:.f=.lo) \
> and on my system Makefile has
> OBJECTS = $(SOURCES_C:.c=.lo) $(SOURCES_F:.f=.lo) \
>   # $(SOURCES_BLAS:.f=.lo)

The same on my system. 

> as does 1.3.1.  What make is this?  As R-admin.texi says
> To compile @R{}, you will most likely find it easiest to use GNU
> @command{make}.  On Solaris 2.6/7/8 in particular, you need a version of
> GNU @command{make} different from 3.77; 3.79 works fine, as does the Sun
> @command{make}.
> I suspect your make is broken.

I agree. This is the standard IRIX 6.5.11m make. Ok, next time I use gmake.
For some reason the SGI make does not interpret the # after the escaped
newline character as start of a comment. That's why it stops with
'don't know how to make # (bu42).'

> > ------------ make stops with the following error:
> > "cmplx.f", line 19283: warning(2290): actual argument is incompatible with
> >           dummy argument
> >               CALL ZLARFB( SIDE, TRANS, 'Forward', 'Columnwise', MI, NI,
> >               CALL ZLARFB( SIDE, TRANS, 'Forward', 'Columnwise', MI, NI,
> That's standard LAPACK 3 code, so the bug report needs to go to LAPACK.
> I think your compiler is incorrect, but 'F', 'C' might work.

I did not complain about this warning, there are lots of this kind... I
included this lines only to document at which point the error occurs.

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