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Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Sat Oct 9 17:36:22 CEST 1999

"Hisaji ONO" <ono96 at fa2.so-net.ne.jp> writes:

> >There is more support for (support of) ActiveX Automation via the
> >Rproxy.dll: see the file front-ends/readme.
> And where is this "the file front-ends/readme" which describes R's ActiveX
> Automation ?
> In  "readme" under "r-install path\" and FAQ for Win port, no description
> about this.
> Please teach me.

In the main sources, under src/gnuwin32/front-ends

Here it is for easy reference, but as you see it's intended for
programmers, so you'll need the sources eventually:

--- front-ends/readme ---

Linking the R DLL into other applications

The file rtest.c provides an example of linking the R engine into
another front end. To build it

- edit it to set Rp->rhome and Rp->home appropriately, or set
  appropriate environmental variables.

- to make with gcc,  make -f make.rtest

- to make with VC++,

	copy ..\R.exp and ..\R.dll to this directory
	lib /def:R.exp /machine:ix86 /out:Rdll.lib
	cl /MT /Ox /I..\..\include /I.. rtest.c Rdll.lib

This provides an rterm-like test front end. The main loop is in the
main program here: R_ReplDLLdo1() parses one line (up to ; or \n) and
returns 1 if complete, 2 if incomplete as an R expression.

There is a callback available during evaluation, plotting and console
I/O, intended to be used for processing GUI events. (The pager and
graphics windows' GUI events are handled at these times by
ProcessEvents: the callback is called from within ProcessEvents.)
Note that in this version console input blocks the process so pager
and graphics windows will not respond during input: a real application
that uses these windows needs to have a non-blocking ReadConsole
function.  Rterm uses a separate thread to achieve this.

An alternative to linking the import library would be to explicitly
load the DLL from a known location or after searching for it.

The example shows one way to handle user interrupts, although it might
be as easy to generate a SIGINT directly from a GUI front end. For
this to be useful you will want to set R_Interactive to be true, and
you will need to use SETJMP to jump back to somewhere useful in your

A R proxy DLL

Files bdx* and rproxy* are used to build a proxy DLL (by Thomas Baier)
use with his automation server StatConnectorSrv.exe.  The file rprx.c
is a 
simple test main program for rproxy.dll.

The interface can evaluate commands and transfer simple R objects
vectors and matrices).

Look on CRAN under `platform-specific extension packages' for the
automation server.

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