[R] Re: R-0.65.1 for WinNT/9XRe: R-0.65.1 for WinNT/9X

Hisaji ONO ono96 at fa2.so-net.ne.jp
Sat Oct 9 15:37:57 CEST 1999


I've dowloaded R-0.65.1 for WinNT/9X.

>There is more support for (support of) ActiveX Automation via the
>Rproxy.dll: see the file front-ends/readme.

And where is this "the file front-ends/readme" which describes R's ActiveX
Automation ?

In  "readme" under "r-install path\" and FAQ for Win port, no description
about this.

Please teach me.

Hisaji ONO

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