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You are trying to install a package that had been retired, as described here: https://r-spatial.github.io/evolution/ and in documents on that site. If you absolutely must use the last working version of the package for Windows, there is a backstore here: https://github.com/r-spatial/evolution/tree/main/backstore, from which you may download and install the binary packages as built in early October 2023. 

Really you should update any workflows using rgdal to use terra or sf, as was indicated in multiple postings here and elsewhere over the last two years.

Also, please do not post screenshots to this list, the list uses plain text only.

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Hi dear friend
I use rgdal package for shape files.
When installing the package, it gives me the following error, a picture of
the error is attached.
What command should I run to fix this error?

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