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Thu Apr 18 18:47:39 CEST 2024

Dear Ivan

Thanks a lot.

I tried now to provide the full path. However probably the "ö" in the path produces the error, would that be possible?

> #first import all files in a single folder as a list 
> rastlist <- list.files(path = "C:\Users\Sibylle Stöckli\Desktop\NCCS_Impacts_Lot2_2022\InVEST\Species_Input\valpar_bee_presence", pattern='.tif$', all.files= T, full.names= T)
Error: '\U' used without hex digits in character string (<input>:1:35)

Kind regards

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В Thu, 18 Apr 2024 11:08:33 +0200
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> > #to check the index numbers of all imported raster list elements 
> > allrasters
> list()
> > 
> > #call single raster element
> > allrasters[[1]]
> Error in allrasters[[1]] : subscript out of bounds

`allrasters` is an empty list, so it doesn't have a first item.
Therefore, allrasters[[1]] is an error. Why is this so? Probably because list.files(...) above returned an empty vector.

Check rastlist and/or length(rastlist). Make sure that the path you're giving to list.files (the one starting with
/NCCS_Impacts_Lot2_2022/InVEST/...) exists on your computer. Did you mean to start it with a slash, making it an absolute path starting from the root of the filesystem?

Best regards,

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