[R] Building R-4,3,3 fails

Rich Shepard r@hep@rd @end|ng |rom @pp|-eco@y@@com
Tue Apr 9 19:58:43 CEST 2024

On Tue, 9 Apr 2024, Ivan Krylov wrote:

> At this point in the build, R already exists, is quite operable and
> even has all the recommended packages installed. The build system then
> uses this freshly compiled R to run Sweave on the vignettes. Let me
> break the build in a similar manner and see what happens:


The R.SlackBuild script does not install a package unless the build
compeletes with exit code 0. Because building the vignettes failed it exited
with a non-0 exit code and is not installed. This is standard
SlackBuilds.org practice for non-core packages.

I could send you the build script off the mail list, but like all linux
distros each has a reason for building packages as they do.



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