[R] Exceptional slowness with read.csv

Ivan Krylov |kry|ov @end|ng |rom d|@root@org
Mon Apr 8 20:42:33 CEST 2024

В Sun, 7 Apr 2024 23:47:52 -0600
Dave Dixon <ddixon using swcp.com> пишет:

>  > second_records <- read.csv(file_name, skip = 2459465, nrows = 5)

It may or may not be important that read.csv defaults to header =
TRUE. Having skipped 2459465 lines, it may attempt to parse the next
one as a header, so the second call read.csv() should probably include
header = FALSE.

Bert's advice to try scan() is on point, though. It's likely that the
default-enabled header is not the most serious problem here.

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