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Aside from the fact that the original question might well be a class exercise (or homework), the question is unanswerable given the data given by the original poster. One needs to know the dimensions of the reservoir, above and below the current waterline. Are the sides, above and below the waterline smooth? Is the region currently above the waterline that can store water a mirror image of the region below the waterline? Is the region above the reservoir include a flood plane? Will the additional water go into the flood plane?

The lack of required detail in the question posed by the original poster suggests that there are strong assumptions, assumptions that typically would be made in a class-room example or exercise.


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Às 13:27 de 07/04/2024, javad bayat escreveu:
> Dear all;
> I have a question about the water level of a reservoir, when the volume
> changed or doubled.
> There is a DEM file with the highest elevation 1267 m. The lowest elevation
> is 1230 m. The current volume of the reservoir is 7,000,000 m3 at 1240 m.
> Now I want to know what would be the water level if the volume rises to
> 1250 m? or what would be the water level if the volume doubled (14,000,000
> m3)?
> Is there any way to write codes to do this in R?
> I would be more than happy if anyone could help me.
> Sincerely

This is a simple rule of three.
If you know the level l the argument doesn't need to be named but if you
know the volume v then it must be named.

water_level <- function(l, v, level = 1240, volume = 7e6) {
   if(missing(v)) {
     volume * l / level
   } else level * v / volume

lev <- 1250
vol <- 14e6

water_level(l = lev)
#> [1] 7056452
water_level(v = vol)
#> [1] 2480

Hope this helps,

Rui Barradas

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