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Fri Oct 13 10:11:25 CEST 2023

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Hello  I’m trying to work my way through the rnrfa package

RJ-2016-036.pdf (r-project.org)

I’ve got it loaded OK and can access the data by the catalogue() command -
gives me a tibble with names, grid refs etc

allStations <- catalogue()


This works OK

But when I try to run the example codes there are various problems

The code is lifted directly from the document btw it’s not mine

This bit to convert gives an error message:

# Option a: from OS grid reference to WGS84 >

osg_parse(gridRef = "NC581062", CoordSystem = "WGS84")

 # Option b: from OS grid reference to BNG

osg_parse(gridRef = "NC581062", CoordSystem = "BNG")


osg_parse seems to be built into the rnrfa package so I don’t know why it
doesn’t work…

Then this bounding box code works but doesn’t seem to capture any stations
although rubric says that it should capture stations in mid Wales - the
tibble is empty

# Define a bounding box.

bbox <- list(lonMin = -3.76, latMin = 52.43, lonMax = -3.67, latMax = 52.48)

The ggmap code following gives an error – this may be because the bbox data
is empty but I’m not sure  The needed packages are loaded:



m <- get_map(location = as.numeric(bbox), maptype = 'terrain')

ggmap(m) + geom_point(data = someStations, aes(x = lon, y = lat),

                        + col = "red", size = 3, alpha = 0.5) +

geom_text_repel(data = someStations, aes(x = lon, y = lat, label = name),

                    + size = 3, col = "red")

I thought that I’d try the next bit to see anyway:

# Select stations with more than 100 years of recordings.

s100Y <- catalogue(minRec = 100, all = FALSE)

# Print s100Y to the screen.


But again I get an error message

I haven’t gone any further through the article because there doesn’t seem
much point unless I can sort things.  I am puzzled as to why the examples
don’t work – I’ve got all the needed packages loaded etc

If anyone can help/explain I’d be v grateful

Thanks Nick Wray

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