[R] Is it possible to get a downward pointing solid triangle plotting symbol in R?

Jan van der Laan rhe|p @end|ng |rom eoo@@dd@@n|
Fri Oct 6 15:23:02 CEST 2023

Another thing that I considered, but doesn't seem to be supported, is 
rotating the symbols. I noticed that that does work with text. So you 
could use a arrow symbol and then specify the angle aesthetic. But this 
still relies on text and unfortunately there are no arrowlike symbols in 
ASCII: except perhaps 'V'.

I can't say how the support for non-ascii text is over different OS-es 
and localities. 
gives some 'hints'

On 06-10-2023 14:21, Chris Evans via R-help wrote:
> Thanks again Jan.  That is lovely and clean and I probably should have 
> seen that option.
> I had anxieties about the portability of using text.  (The function will 
> end up in my
> https://github.com/cpsyctc/CECPfuns package so I'd like it to be fairly 
> immune to character
> sets and different platforms in different countries.
> I'm morphing this question a lot now but I guess it's still on topic 
> really.  I know
> I need to put in some time to understand the complexities of R and 
> platforms (I'm
> pretty exclusively on Linux, Ubuntu or Debian now so have mostly done 
> the ostrich thing
> about these issues though I do hit problems exchanging things with my 
> Spanish speaking
> colleagues).  Jan or anyone: any simple reassurance or pointers to 
> resources I should
> best use for homework about these issues?
> TIA (again!)
> Chris
> On 06/10/2023 12:55, Jan van der Laan wrote:
>> You are right, sorry.
>> Another possible solution then: use geom_text instead of geom_point 
>> and use a triangle shape as text:
>> ggplot(data = tmpTibPoints,
>>        aes(x = x, y = y)) +
>>   geom_polygon(data = tmpTibAreas,
>>                aes(x = x, y = y, fill = a)) +
>>   geom_text(data = tmpTibPoints,
>>              aes(x = x, y = y, label = "▼", color = c),
>>              size = 6) + guides(color = FALSE)
> [much snipped]

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