[R] New version of the Iso package is now up on CRAN.

Rolf Turner ro||turner @end|ng |rom po@teo@net
Tue Oct 3 00:11:52 CEST 2023

There was a deficiency in the argument list of the ufit() function in
the Iso package which made it all too easy to conflate a specified
location for the maximum with the *index* of that location in the "x"
argument.  This problem was kindly drawn to my attention by Zhiwei

The deficiency is remedied in the new version (Iso_0.0-21).  The
argument list for ufit() has changed.  There is a new argument "imode"
to specify the index of the location.  The argument "lmode" is now
restricted to being one of the entries of "x" (and an error is thrown
if it is not).  At most one of "imode" and "lmode" may be specified.

The source of the new version is now available on CRAN, as is the Mac
OSX binary.  The Windoze binary should be available soon.

Note that the change to Iso breaks the current version of the UMR
package.  The maintainer of UMR has been notified, and a revision of
UMR should become available sometime in the near future.


Rolf Turner

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