[R] EFA with Complex Survey Data (Incl. Replicate Weights)

Lybrya Kebreab Lybry@@Kebre@b @end|ng |rom uc|@edu
Thu Mar 31 14:25:43 CEST 2022


I am a doctoral student, completing my dissertation using the public HSLS2009 survey data. I am interested in running an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and need to apply both the child weight and replicate weights. I found some information on applying weights in EFA (https://r-survey.r-forge.r-project.org/survey/html/svyfactanal.html), however I have not found information on how to apply multiple replicate weights. Can anyone please help me with a resource that can assist?

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Lybrya Kebreab
Doctoral Candidate
Education-Mathematics Education Track
School of Teacher Education
College of Community Innovation and Education
University of Central Florida

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