[R] Creating and manipulating environment within function

Sebastien Bihorel @eb@@t|en@b|hore| @end|ng |rom @|mu|@t|on@-p|u@@com
Wed Mar 30 22:29:19 CEST 2022


I am trying to create a set of functions to create and manipulate objects within a dedicated environment, which I was hoping to put directly under the global environment. However, my implementation (see code below) is facing some scoping issues: the environment created by one function does not appear to be accessible from outside the function.

What would be the proper way to create a manipulation an environment in different functions?


create_e1 <- function(){
  e1 <- new.env(parent = globalenv())
  exists('e1', mode = 'environment')

manipulate_e1 <- function(){
  if ( exists('e1', mode = 'environment') ) {
    assign(a, 1, envir = e1)
  } else {

exists('e1', envir = globalenv())
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