[R] functions st_transform and st_point

Nick Wray n|ckmwr@y @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Wed Mar 23 17:51:05 CET 2022

Hello   I'm trying to work out ways of manipulating maps in R and have
found various potentially useful starter sites, eg

p1 = st_point(c(7,52))
p2 = st_point(c(-30,20))
sfc = st_sfc(p1, p2, crs = 4326)
st_transform(sfc, 3857)

But when I try to run the example code R tells me that it cannot find
function "st_point" (or in  the other instance "st_transform")   I assumed
that these functions were in some package, and searching I found "sf" and
"lwgeom" suggested, but installing and loading these does not help.  Does
anyone know where I can find the wherewithal to make these st_ functions

Thanks Nick Wray

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