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Yes, thanks. The figure is for publication, I started with lattice and I don't like to use two different graph types (lattice and ggplot2). When there is no workaround, I re-create all figures with ggplot2. In the meanwhile, I tried "panel.polygon()", which also does not work.

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Have you tried the ggplot2 package?

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Dear all,

I posted this on Stack Overflow, but there is no response, so I try it here again.

I'm wondering about how to draw a highlighted rectangle with log y-axis in a trellis/lattice plot. My idea was to use panel.rect(), which works without a log scale:



y <- runif(100, min=1, max=1000)
x <- seq_along(y)

xyplot(y ~ x,
       panel=function(x,y,...) {
           cpl <- current.panel.limits()
           panel.rect(xleft=cpl$xlim[1], ybottom=10,
                      xright=cpl$xlim[2], ytop=500,
                      fill="lightgray", border="lightgray", alpha=.6)


However, when log=TRUE, the rectangle disappears.

Are there any ideas? Thanks, Sven

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