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Tue Mar 22 21:51:19 CET 2022


I am currently studying Econometrics at my university in Sweden, and we use
We are now doing our last assignment and I need a little bit of help with

I have made a regression table using the huxreg() function for 4 different
models. The task is to make the table only display the two coefficients
that all models have. Since two of the models use the LSDV approach, they
have a lot of different coefficients which I would like to exclude. How do
I do this? To this point I have made the regression table like this:
huxreg(model_1, model_2, model_3, model 4, statistics = c(N = "nobs", R2 =
"r.squared"), stars = c(* = 0.1, ** = 0.05, *** = 0.01)).

I would really be grateful if you could help me with this. I don't know if
this is the right way to ask for help, but at least I thought I could give
it a try.

Best regards,

Linda Stefansson

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