[R] How could I conduct meta-analysis with single group percentage outcomes?

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Mon Mar 21 16:54:02 CET 2022

Hi, all,

I want to conduct a meta-analysis using R on a bunch of articles. The
outcomes are in percentage format and it is single group. I am wondering
how could I use R to do this kind of meta-analysis? In the beginning, I
thought that I could use metaprop, but after I checked the example, I think
I can only use metaprop when I want to compute the proportion. For example,
we have several events out of the total sample size for each article, and
we can use metaprop to compute it. And because each individual has
percentage, I can't back convert the percentage to the number of event. In
my example, which R statement or argument should I use to deal with single
group percentage data? I hope I could get the following forest plot with
the percentage, standard error and sample size on the left column (I found
this example in an article, and they also have one group percentage data,
but I can't find which R statement or argument I can use):

[image: Example forest plot with single group percentage outcome]

Could anyone help me with it? Thank you!

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