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Unless you want to make some transformation like tay/don it might work better to make a new variable with catchment and append one dataset to the other. If later you decide that was a bad choice, use pivot_wider to reorganize the data.

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Hello    I have data from various Scottish river catchments in the form of
csv files.  I want to be able to download the files in turn and refer to each one by an assigned name from a vector of names, but within R.  So, for example, if my vector of names is c("tay","forth","don") I want to tell R to refer to the sequences of dataframes as a variable name, ie the table uploaded from the first csv becomes the object tay *within* R and so on, so that I could the do things like write print(tay[,1]) etc,rather than having to refer to a list eg print(riverlist[[1]][,1])  I don't know whether this is possible but if it is I'd be grateful for any pointers Thanks, Nick Wray

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