[R] A question about Spatial in Kriging

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Sun Mar 20 15:33:52 CET 2022


I am a student, still new and in the process of learning about Spatial.  I
have a project that requires me to do spatial kriging. But I still do not
get the idea of how I should start. I have monitoring air quality data in
dailly, monthly and yearly. My question is, to start doing kriging, I
have see that we need longitude and latitude, but did I need the latitude
and longitude of each dataset?.If I have total data about 500, am I
supposed to have 500 of longitude and latitude based on the data? and is
there any minimum or maximum of the dataset to get a better result in the
kriging? I hope to get a reply from you and thank you in advance.


Siti Hasliza

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