[R] Can browseURL open a lynx browser?

Ashim Kapoor @@h|mk@poor @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sun Mar 20 08:09:05 CET 2022

Dear all,

I wish to do :


But this is not opening the lynx browser. I am able to open lynx from
the Debian command line and lynx is on the PATH.

When I do :


it does open up the url in Firefox.

When I do ?browseURL it says:

          If ‘browser’ supports remote control and R knows how to
          perform it, the URL is opened in any already-running browser
          or a new one if necessary.  This mechanism currently is
          available for browsers which support the ‘"-remote
          openURL(...)"’ interface (which includes Mozilla and Opera),
          Galeon, KDE konqueror (_via_ kfmclient) and the GNOME
          interface to Mozilla. (Firefox has dropped support, but
          defaults to using an already-running browser.)  Note that the
          type of browser is determined from its name, so this
          mechanism will only be used if the browser is installed under
          its canonical name.

How can I find out if the -remote openURL interface is supported by lynx?

Thank you,

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