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There are some tutorials online.

Can you get the examples in the tutorials to work?


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Hello Dear Bert Gunter

Thank you for your answer it means alot to me.

by the way i am not profesional in R and faced a problem and need to fix it as soon as possible and it is the reason i ask here but absolutely i try to improve my skills. but now i need help and said to my self maybe some one could help me and have similar experience.

Thanks for your answer


On 2022-03-15 21:50, Bert Gunter wrote:

> 1. RStudio is not R; it is a separate for profit organization/company 
> that contributes free packages to R and also provides both free and 
> non-free R-oriented software. RStudio.com is their website (as you
> know) and 
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.rstudio.com_-23&d=DwICAg&c=sJ6xIWYx-zLMB3EPkvcnVg&r=9PEhQh2kVeAsRzsn7AkP-g&m=yodeWPdITg41plvXqsIKQE3kAZQK8RTKQZ9yhs8FfhsW6yZEEls9W8uAyttddQBY&s=vBlYcBj5nepe5Rcfkv1USa9sbPabHwSrJC3dzvUB_wY&e=  is where you can post questions about *their* products.
> 2. HOWEVER... your query seems to be related to a special (not
> standard) R package, not RStudio, specifically the 'flowr' package.
> This general r-help list is not usually a good place to post queries 
> about such specific packages -- there are thousands of them! Maybe you 
> will get lucky and someone here will be able to help you.  But it is 
> recommended in the posting guide (linked below) that a better option 
> is to contact the package maintainer, which you can find via the:
> maintainer("flowr")
> command at the R console prompt.
> Hope this helps.
> Bert Gunter
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> and sticking things into it."
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> On Tue, Mar 15, 2022 at 10:52 AM dalfardi.s <dalfardi.s using ut.ac.ir> wrote:
> hello everyone
> I faced an problem in Rstudio version 4.1.2 and while i am new in R 
> and Rstudio, but i search alot in internet and have thaught about the 
> reason of it but all i done didnt fix it.
> I have a function of a package named priority flow as bellow:
> 0,D4=C(1,2,3,4),PRINTFLAG = T)
> and all needed inputs are available but when i run it give me the 
> bellow
> error:
> [1] "No terminal river segments provided, not adjusting DEM"
> Error in RiverSmooth(dem = travHS$dem, direction = travHS$direction, 
> mask = FARwatershed.mask, :
> object 'active' not found
> I dont know what active object is here? but all other objects are here 
> available.i also assighned this needed inputs in different object 
> forinstance AA=travHS$dem and then defined AA in the function but it 
> return error again.
> this is summary of two dataframe that included needed data:
> Length Class Mode
> segments 4200 -none- numeric
> subbasins 4200 -none- numeric
> RiverMask 4200 -none- numeric
> summary 98 -none- numeric SUMMARY(TRAVHS) Length Class Mode dem 4200 
> -none- numeric mask 4200 -none- numeric marked 4200 -none- numeric 
> step 4200 -none- numeric direction 4200 -none- numeric basins 4200 
> -none- numeric
> this is part of my work and i really stumbled in it. Is there any one 
> could help me?
> I really appreciate it.
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