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Tue Mar 15 18:27:03 CET 2022

hello everyone  

I faced an problem in Rstudio version 4.1.2 and while i am new in R and
Rstudio, but i search alot in internet and have thaught about the reason
of it but all i done didnt fix it. 

I have a function of a package named priority flow as bellow: 

=0.01,RIVER.EPSILON = 0,D4=C(1,2,3,4),PRINTFLAG = T) 

and all needed inputs are available but when i run it give me the bellow

[1] "No terminal river segments provided, not adjusting DEM"
Error in RiverSmooth(dem = travHS$dem, direction = travHS$direction,
mask = FARwatershed.mask, :
object 'active' not found 

I dont know what active object is here? but all other objects are here
available.i also assighned this needed inputs in different object
forinstance AA=travHS$dem and then defined AA in the function but it
return error again. 

this is summary of two dataframe that included needed data: 

Length Class Mode
segments 4200 -none- numeric
subbasins 4200 -none- numeric
RiverMask 4200 -none- numeric
summary 98 -none- numeric
Length Class Mode
dem 4200 -none- numeric
mask 4200 -none- numeric
marked 4200 -none- numeric
step 4200 -none- numeric
direction 4200 -none- numeric
basins 4200 -none- numeric 

this is part of my work and i really stumbled in it. Is there any one
could help me? 

I really appreciate it.
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