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Fri Mar 11 15:30:16 CET 2022

В Fri, 11 Mar 2022 08:14:52 -0600
"Jeff Reichman" <reichmanj using sbcglobal.net> пишет:

> I get the following error:
>> Error: `stdev` refers to a variable created earlier in this
>> summarise().
>> Do you need an extra mutate() step?
> I suspect it is because the standard deviation of a length-one vector
> is NA and R is errorerrors out on the standard deviation  of 1.

My interpretation of the error message is that summarise() thinks that
you're creating a variable (Bse_ftv = mean(Bse_ftv)) and then asking
summarise() to compute its standard deviation (stdev = sd(Bse_ftv)) in
the same call. This is apparently not always supported, according
to ?summarise [1].

You know that you meant the previously available Bse_ftv column, not
the newly created Bse_ftv = mean(Bse_ftv), but this is not how the call
is interpreted. Try setting a different name for the result of

Best regards,

[1] https://search.r-project.org/CRAN/refmans/dplyr/html/summarise.html

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