[R] Functional Programming Problem Using purr and R's data.table shift function

Michael Lachanski m|ke|@ch @end|ng |rom @@@@upenn@edu
Sat Dec 31 07:50:50 CET 2022


I am trying to make a habit of "functionalizing" all of my code as
recommended by Hadley Wickham. I have found it surprisingly difficult to do
so because several intermediate features from data.table break or give
unexpected results using purrr and its data.table adaptation, tidytable.
Here is the a minimal working example of what has stumped me most recently:


library(data.table); library(tidytable)

minimal_failing_function <- function(A){
  DT <- data.table(A)
  DT[ , A:= shift(A, fill = NA, type = "lag", n = 1)] %>% `[`
# works
# fails
tidytable::pmap_dfr(.l = list(c(1,2)),
                    .f = minimal_failing_function)

These should ideally give the same output, but do not. This also fails
using purrr::pmap_dfr rather than tidytable. I am using R 4.2.2 and I am on
Mac OS Ventura 13.1.

Thank you for any help you can provide or general guidance.

Michael Lachanski
PhD Student in Demography and Sociology
MA Candidate in Statistics
University of Pennsylvania
mikelach using sas.upenn.edu

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