[R] Error 3221226505

David Winsemius dw|n@em|u@ @end|ng |rom comc@@t@net
Mon Dec 19 01:32:42 CET 2022

I cannot tell whether it would happen to me for two reasons: I don't use 
Windows anymore and R's current version is 4.2.1.

You can determine whether it is the core packages that are throwing the 
error (rather unlikely) or perhaps something you have in your 
(invisible) .Rdata file. You should probably update your installation of 
R and throw away the .Rdata file that I suspect has gotten corrupted or 
is loading a flaky package. If you don't want to update R, then you 
should at the very least try to run R from a command line with

 >  R --vanilla

At least that's I what I remember from my Windows daze. You should also 
review the Win-R-FAQ which I think has similar advice.



On 12/18/22 16:20, Jeff Newmiller wrote:
> Doesn't happen to me.
> On December 16, 2022 12:44:17 AM PST, "Mathurin, Gottfried via R-help" <r-help using r-project.org> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I currently face the issue of Windows 10 throwing a code 3221226505
>> whenever I try to use R-4.1.3.
>> Is this issue known and could you possibly share a fix?
>> Thank you in advance,
>> *Gottfried*

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