[R] Plot a line using ggplot2

Sorkin, John j@ork|n @end|ng |rom @om@um@ry|@nd@edu
Fri Dec 9 02:05:47 CET 2022


I am trying to plot a simple line using ggplot2. I get the axes, but I don't get the line. Please let me know what my error I am making.
Thank you,

# Define x and y values
PointEstx <- Estx+1.96*SE
PointEsty  <- 1

row2 <- cbind(PointEstx,PointEsty)
linedata<- data_frame(rbind(row1,row2))
# make sure we have a data frame

#plot the data
ggplot(linedata,aes(x=PointEstx, y=PointEsty), geom_line())

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