[R] Preexisting Work on Data- and Control-Flow Analysis

Florian Sihler ||or|@n@@|h|er @end|ng |rom un|-u|m@de
Tue Dec 6 15:08:52 CET 2022

Hello R-Help Mailinglist,

I hope I've found the correct mailing list for my question (if not, 
please point me to the correct one).
For my master's thesis I plan on creating and implementing a 
program-slicing algorithm for R-Programs using (probably only static) 
data- and control-flow analysis.
While researching the problem I was unable to find any preexisting work 
on the matter.
Does anyone here know of any preexisting work on data- and control-flow 
analysis (or even program slicing) in the context of R-Programs?
I would be really glad for any pointer in the right direction (or 
reasons for why doing that would be a stupid idea).

Regarding my background: I am a computer science student and usually 
program in C++, Java, TypeScript, and Haskell.
Although I've worked with R for roughly a year now (mostly in my spare 
time), I am still getting used to some constructs.

Thank you,

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