[R] Windows: start script but keep being in R-shell after finish

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Tue Sep 21 09:12:14 CEST 2021

Hello together,

I was using R some years ago and I am sorry for asking such a dumb 
question. I found some help instructions about commandline interface but 
I still miss the piece of information I need. I assume it depends on my 
non-nativ English that I am not able to ask the correct (worded) 
question to the search engines.

I use R-for-windows on the shell. No GUI, IDE or anything else.
When I am in windows shell ("command prompt"?) I wan't to run an 
R-script (filename *.R). But when the script is finished or interrupted 
the R-prompt should do not close.

In python I would do

python3 -i -m myscript


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