[R] ReadItem: Error

Jeff Reichman re|chm@nj @end|ng |rom @bcg|ob@|@net
Sat Sep 18 16:19:39 CEST 2021

Anyone see what I might be doing wrong? Corrupted rds file maybe. The error
would suggest I'm using an older version of R except I'm running both the
latest RStudio and R versions.

# Load in the tidyverse, raster, and sf packages

# Read the climate data from an rds file
climate <- readRDS("Datasets/climate_raster.rds")

# Have a look at the variables in the climate data

# Convert to SpatialPixelDataFrame for plotting
climate_df <- mutate(
  .data = climate, 
  rasters = map(
    .x = rasters, 
    ~ as_tibble(as(.x, "SpatialPixelsDataFrame")))) %>%
  unnest(cols = c(rasters))

> climate <- readRDS("Datasets/climate_raster.rds")
Error in readRDS("Datasets/climate_raster.rds") : 
  ReadItem: unknown type 0, perhaps written by later version of R

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