[R] calculate power-linear mixed effect model

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Fri Sep 17 21:22:06 CEST 2021

Hi All,

I plan to identify metabolite levels that differ between individuals
with various retinopathy outcomes (DR or noDR). I plan to model
metabolite levels using linear mixed models ref as implemented in
lmm2met software. The model covariates will include: age, sex, SV1,
SV, and disease_condition.

The random effect is subject variation (ID)

Disease condition is the fixed effect because I am interested in
metabolite differences between those disease conditions.

This command  will build a model for each metabolite:
fitMet = fitLmm(fix=c('Sex','Age','SV1,'SV2','disease_condition'),
random='(1|ID)', data=df, start=10)

SV1 and SV2 are surrogate variables (numerical values)

Next I need to calculate the power of my study. Let's say that I have
1,172 individuals total in the study, from which 431 are DR. Let's say
that I would like to determine the power of this study given the
effect size of 0.337.

I know about SIMR software in R but I am not sure how to apply it to
my study design.

I looked at this paper:

But I am not sure how to adapt the code given in the tutorial so that
it is matching to mine design.

Can you please help,


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