[R] How to remove all rows that have a numeric in the first (or any) column

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Wed Sep 15 04:01:53 CEST 2021

> Stuck on this problem - How does one remove all rows in a dataframe that have a numeric in the first (or any) column?

> Seems straight forward - but I'm having trouble.

I've attempted to used:

VPN_Sheet1 <- VPN_Sheet1[!is.numeric(VPN_Sheet1$HVA),]


VPN_Sheet1 <- VPN_Sheet1[!is.integer(VPN_Sheet1$HVA),]

Neither work - Neither throw an error.

class(VPN_Sheet1$HVA)  returns:
[1] "list"

So, the HVA column returns a list.

> Data looks like the attached screen grab -

> The ONLY rows I need to delete are the rows where there is a numeric in the HVA column.

> There are some 5000+ rows in the actual data.

> Would be grateful for a solution to this problem.

How to get R to detect whether the value in column 1 is a number so the rows with the number values can be deleted?

> Thanks in advance to any and all willing to help on this problem.

> Gregg Powell

> Sierra Vista, AZ
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