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Tue Sep 7 02:50:52 CEST 2021

and yes I can sleep well now. Thank you, Jim.


Ani Jaya

On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 9:38 AM ani jaya <gaaauul using gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Jim, thank you for your response. What I am trying to achieve is
> like this:
> #calculate the positive significant station for every row based on p-value
> df5<-df3
> df5[df4>0.05|df5<0]<-NA
>       #remove the insignificant one or negative statistic value
> df5[df5>0]<-1
>             #change the positive value to be +1 so I can row sum later
> pos<-as.data.frame(rowSums(df5, na.rm=T))                         #row
> sum to see the total significant station (column) for each row
> poss<-as.data.frame(table(pos))
>    #get the frequency of each significant number (row that have only
> 1,2,3,.. significant station)
> posss<-as.numeric(rep(poss$pos[-1],poss$Freq[-1]))-1          #create
> the series based on frequency
> #calculate the negative significant station for every row based on p-value
> df6<-df3
> df6[df4>0.05|df5>0]<-NA
> df6[df6<0]<-1
> neg<-as.data.frame(rowSums(df6, na.rm=T))
> negg<-as.data.frame(table(neg))
> neggg<-(as.numeric(rep(negg$neg[-1],negg$Freq[-1]))-1)*-1
> ne<-sum(pos==0&neg==0)
> #to see the 0 significant station, row that have no significant
> station
> after that I want to combine posss, neggg, and ne to be 1 column data
> frame but not success yet. After that, I want to plot the histogram to
> see the distribution of significant stations.
> Any lead is appreciate. Thank you
> Ani Jaya

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