[R] Show only header of str() function

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If you are sure you are looking at something like a data.frame, and all you
want o know is how many rows and how many columns are in it, then str() is
perhaps too detailed a tool.

The functions nrow() and ncol() tell you what you want and you can get both
together with dim(). You can, of course, print out whatever message you want
using the numbers supplied by throwing together some function like this:

sstr <- function(x) {
  cat(nrow(x), "obs. of ", ncol(x), " variables\n")

Calling that instead of str may meet your needs.  Of course, unlike str, it
will not work on arbitrary data structures.

Note the output of str()goes straight to the screen, similar to what cat
does. Capturing the output to say chop out just the first line is not
therefore a simple option. 

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Hello, is it possible to show only the header (that is: `'data.frame':
x obs. of  y variables:` part) of the str function?
Thank you

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