[R] interactively getting alist of functions for a given package?

Greg Minshall m|n@h@|| @end|ng |rom um|ch@edu
Thu Jun 24 10:39:29 CEST 2021


> Bert gave you an answer that depends on ls().  Whether there's
> something like "set<TAB>" that can return "asset" probably depends on
> your front end, and may be customizable using the facilities described
> in ?rcompgen.

thanks.  i am just using command line R on linux.  i tried setting
`rc.setting(fuzzy=TRUE, func=TRUE, ipck=TRUE)`, but
`data.table::set<TAB>` still only shows names that start with "set".
Bert's `ls` answer works, but did you have an idea of how else this
might be made to work with rcompgen?

cheers, Greg

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