[R] Mean absolute error from data matrix

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Wed Jun 23 20:03:17 CEST 2021

I have data matrix of order 24*2192 where 2192 are the days and 24 are hour's of a single day,so simple words I have 2192 days and each day having 24 observations.the data matrix is divided into two matrix,the ist matrix is of order 24*1827 and second is of order 24*365. Suppose the ist column of the second matrix is Sunday then we choose each column of the first matrix having Sunday. The takeing the first column of data matrix is converted into vector and all the Sunday columns are converted into vectors. Then we calculate mean absolute errors for different pairs of the first vector of the second matrix with each vector of first matrix. Similarly process is repeated for the rest of the week days. It clear that such process is quite time consuming and hard if perform manually. Can any one provides the easiest way to do such problem.Regard 

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