[R] Crashes while pasting a graphic to clipboard on Windows

Marc Schwartz m@rc_@chw@rtz @end|ng |rom me@com
Mon Jun 21 22:40:09 CEST 2021


R version 3.6.3 was released back in February of 2020, so well over a 
year old, and version 4.1.0 is the current version.

I don't use Windows, and it is not clear if there was a Windows specific 
bug present at that time that may have been resolved since then. There 
have been a fair number of changes to the graphics engine and perhaps 
other related functionality.

Unless you are constrained by local IT policies, I would urge you to 
upgrade your R installation to the current release version, preferably 
with a fully clean install, given the major version upgrade such as this 
would be.


Marc Schwartz

Gabriel Toro wrote on 6/21/21 4:19 PM:
> I am using version 3.6.3 on Windows. I recently noticed that R crashes when pasting graphics to the clipboard (both as metafiles and as images). I saw some old (~ 2 years old) references to the problem on Google, but no recent ones. Is there a way around this problem?
> Thanks,
> Gabriel

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