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Mon Jun 7 11:09:16 CEST 2021

Hello  I'm trying to use the Magick package for animations - it has
downloaded OK but says that it was built under version 4.0.5 and that
fontconfig and x11 features are disabled.  Atm I am using R 1.4.1103   Am I
being naive in assuming that all later versions of R subsume the features
of earlier ones or is it that some packages stop being useable with later
In any event I have some code for an animation sequence which I have
downloaded from the site -Lesson 39 – Discrete distributions in R: Part I –
dataanalysisclassroom <https://www.dataanalysisclassroom.com/lesson39/>
 the code runs without an error message but it doesn't give the animation
sequence you see on the website
Any help suggestions appreciated   Nick Wray

######## Animation #########

# Create png files for Binomial distribution png(file="binomial%02d.png",
width=600, height=300)

 n = 181

x = 0:181

p = 0.1

for (i in 1:5)


px = dbinom(x,n,p)

 plot(x,px,type="h",xlab="Random Variable X (Number of tickets in 181
days)",ylab="Probability P(X=k)",font=2,font.lab=2)

txt = paste("p=",p,sep="")


p = p+0.2



# Combine the png files saved in the folder into a GIF #


binomial_png1 <- image_read("binomial01.png","x150")

binomial_png2 <- image_read("binomial02.png","x150")

binomial_png3 <- image_read("binomial03.png","x150")

binomial_png4 <- image_read("binomial04.png","x150")

binomial_png5 <- image_read("binomial05.png","x150")

frames <- image_morph(c(binomial_png1, binomial_png2, binomial_png3,
binomial_png4, binomial_png5), frames = 15)

animation <- image_animate(frames)

image_write(animation, "binomial.gif")

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