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Thu Jul 29 10:07:12 CEST 2021

Hello I don't know whether strictly speaking this is an R-help province
question but anyway...
I am looking at the extRemes package and have some code given beneath.
When I run it on my own laptop it works fine, but when I run it on my uni
laptop (which is pretty new and I only was given a couple of months ago)
when it gets to the thresh.range line it goes into an unending loop (or
something) with the little red Stop button, and just sits there.  I have R
4.0.4 on my uni laptop and R 4.0.5 on my own one.  Could this be the reason?

Thanks, Nick Wray


bmFort <- blockmaxxer(Fort, blocks = Fort$year, which="Prec")

plot(Fort$year, Fort$Prec, xlab = "Year",
     ylab = "Precipitation (inches)",
     cex = 1.25, cex.lab = 1.25,
     col = "darkblue", bg = "lightblue", pch = 21)

points(bmFort$year, bmFort$Prec, col="darkred", cex=1.5)

# Fit a GEV distribution to annual maximum Precipitation
# in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.
fitGEV <- fevd(Prec, data = bmFort)
plot(fitGEV, "trace")

# Select a threshold for daily data from above.
threshrange.plot(Fort$Prec, c(0.1, 2), type = "PP")

# Fit the PP model to the daily data from above.
fitPP <- fevd(Prec, data = Fort, threshold = 0.395,
              type = "PP", units = "inches")

atdf(Fort$Prec, 0.395)

extremalindex(Fort$Prec, 0.395, blocks=Fort$year)

dcFort <- decluster(Fort$Prec, 0.395, r = 9)

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