[R] raster::levels() not working in packaged function.

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Sat Oct 31 13:24:25 CET 2020

Apologies, I cannot see how to make a rero for this issue.

I have a function that uses levels(r) tor return the RAT of a raster "r"
when the function is sourced from a script
it works fine.
when the function is built into a package and sourced from there
library(mypackage) using the same script file to make the package
the same line throws an error, as levels(myraster returns NULL

If I modify the script to include the raster namespace:
Then I get the error
 Error: 'levels<-' is not an exported object from 'namespace:raster'

I have also tried just using levels(r) and putting raster as a depends
rather than an import in the DESCRIPTION file for the package, this does
not solve the error.

Any suggestions on how to overcome the problem?

many thanks

Nevil Amos

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