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Mon Oct 26 17:40:50 CET 2020

On 10/26/20 7:17 AM, akshay kulkarni wrote:
> dear members,
>                               I am a stock trader. I am using R for my research.
> I want to service my laptop, wherein resides all my R code, which, for obvious reasons, has to be secured. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.
> I cannot encrypt the R data by Bitdefender, as it encrypts the entire drive.
Use a file encryption program or create an an encrypted directory to 
store your sensitive files. Veracrypt is a widely used cross platform 
solution. I was under the impression that Windoze 7 was now inherently 
insecure because it is past end-of-maintenance life  and there are many 
unpatched security holes.
>   I anyway need to give the key when the system, if at all, gets locked when servicing.
> My cousin suggested backing up the data and deleting that data in the laptop when giving it for servicing. How do you back up the R data?

> What is the file name that contains all the workspace in windows 7?
> .RHistory only contains the previous commands. Can I delete only all the data/code without deleting the R GUI?
Yes. Many people recommend not using the .Rdata mechanism at all, and 
instead maintaining a record of how the session proceeded along with  a 
bundle of the input data or at least  those portions that were 
successful in your eyes.
> The extreme option would be to delete the whole of installed R GUI, after backing up the workspace. Some other way to secure the data/code?
.Rdata is only a file. You could sorre it in encrypted form with Veracrypt.
> I've tried using Backup and sync by google, but that is very cumbersome.
> Please help.
> thanking you,
> Yours sincerely,
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You should learn to post in plain text.



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